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Prices for DSC's pups vary depending on coat and, on occasion, color or bloodline. DSC's Chis have a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and coats to suit most tastes and loves. See Dams and Sires for details. The most common prices appear below. For special pups, prices will be quoted via email. DSC accepts PayPal, cash, or credit cards upon puppy pickup. You may elect to make payments as well. A puppy will not be released before full payment is made, however. At the time you place your deposit, DSC's Purchase Commitment Contract ("PCC") must be signed (this contract is very short and will be explained when you make the deposit). This process can be completed via email or through Adobe Acrobat for a digital signature. You may also agree to the contract through the prior two methods and then sign the contract at pick up.

Pups can be shipped in the US only; they can also be delivered within a specific radius of DSC's place of business. See Shippping below for details.

The AKC, CKC, and Chihuahua Club of America do not recognize variations in dog stature (standard vs. toy/teacup/micro/pocket). A "standard" Chi can be anywhere from 2 lbs to 9 lbs (AKC standard for showing is 6 lbs maximum) and stand from 6" to 9" tall. Though DSC's Chis will vary all along this line, the prices will not, unless something spectacular occurs or the blood line is cram-packed with champions. Purchasers can buy their new puppy's pedigree from the AKC or CKC. I do not provide these as part of the puppy care package.

Puppies are released to new pet parents no sooner than age eight (8) weeks (but preferably 10 Weeks) with up-to-date shots and wormings, medical records, a puppy care package, a baby blanket, and a toy. These are included at no cost to the buyer. Owners who are close by can come and play with their new baby anytime, and this activity is encouraged to build a relationship. Naming your new pup is also encouraged! The moment you name your new baby, DCS will begin calling your pup by that name. Be sure to read the important breed medical information from the menu. You will receive a copy of this information in your puppy pack as well.

Nonrefundable Deposit:  $100 for $500 pups; $150 for $600+ pups. However, if for some reason you cannot purchase as planned, you do have the option of using the funds at a later date as a deposit on a new puppy.

The PayPal button below will allow you to make a deposit to hold the puppy of your choice:


Short Coat: $500 (+/-) 

Long Coat: $600 (+/-)

The PayPal button below will allow you to pay for your puppy in full:



The PayPal button below will allow you to pay the remainder for your puppy minus the deposit you already made:

INST Remaining

The PayPal button below will allow you to make payments as per your agreement with DSC. If you don't see the amount you want to pay, you can choose an amount that can be doubled or tripled, etc. to meet your needs. If you have an issue with finding a correct price in the list, please contact DSC to find other options:

Payment Plan Options 1

+ Price varies on color and blood line. Championship lines will be provided for buyers to view, if that is the case (rare). Any special attributes (rare colors for example) will be noted only if the price varies next to the puppy on the puppy page.

- Specials. For example, the purchase of more than one puppy at the same time will bring the price down. As these specials appear, the explanations will be noted.

*If you are on an irregular payment, please contact DSC for how to use PayPal for regular payments. Once your pup is paid in full the pup is ready for pick up.

Shipping Costs:  $150 travel + vet fees + kennel and airport pack + air fare. Prices vary, so if you want the pup shipped current prices will be provided at that time and added to your cost (all fees and the puppy or puppies must be paid in full before shipping can proceed). The average pricing is an extra $430.00. PLEASE NOTE: Airlines have recently reclassified Chihuahuas as "snub-nose." This affects when and what time you can fly your pup and can cause delays in shippings. The current rules state that we cannot ship if the temp is lower than 44° or higher than 75°. Day kennels are available to hold your pup until evening or early morning; pricing varies by location and time spent in the kennel. Another option is "DASH" which is a more direct flight, but costs more. You have the option to make your own shipping arrangements.

Car Delivery: It should be noted that driver delivery incurs a shipping fee. If you would like DSC to meet you part way for the delivery of your puppy or deliver the puppy directly to your home a fee will appy according to the distance. DSC does not deliver across state lines in a vehicle and this offer is limited to a 200 mile radius around Lufkin, TX.

Please Note: I will not sell puppies sight unseen over the Internet. You must first make arrangements to view the puppy, its parents (including records and papers), and its environment before purchasing (just contact me about this). If at that time you wish to purchase the puppy a nonrefundable deposit must be made and a PCC signed. When the puppy reaches 10-14 weeks (depending on the size of the pup), I can arrange shipment (or at 8 weeks you can come pick up your puppy).