DSC's Dams

AKC Females:

Prin DiamondSChis Pralines Princess "Prin"
Chocolate Merle (smooth short coat)
Her coat is so short and fine, she appears hairless (3.8 lbs)


Candi DiamondSChis Chocolate Candi by Eastexchis "Candi
Blonde (Cream/Fawn) (short coat)
Her coat is double thick and rough on back (5 lbs)


DiamondSChis Diamond Bella "Bel-Bel"
Blue Merle with chocolate, tan, black, and peach (short coat)
Cost is very short / smooth (3.1 lbs)


CKC Females:

Angel DiamondSChis Angel "Angel"
Blue/White (smooth long coat)
Her coat is thin and straight; long tuft at the
end of her tail and a mane around her face (4 lbs)


DiamondSChis Diamond Ashley "Ash"
Dark Chocolate (Burnt Umber) (smooth short coat)
Her coat is very short and her color is uniform (3.5 lbs)




Some more pics of the ladies:

Prin 2             

   Candi 2   


  Angel 2