DSC's Sires

Prin       DiamondSChis Diamond Maverick by Eastexchis "Mav"

White/Fawn (long coat)
His coat is very thick and a bit wavy (3.5 lbs)


       DiamondSChis Diamond Chocolate Bear "Bear Bear"
Chocolate Merle w/Tan and Chocolate markings (short coat)
His coat is rough, but not thick (4.2 lbs)
Bear-Bear's DNA is on file with the AKC


      DiamondSChis Diamond Dusty by Platinum "Dusty"
Red/Tan/Honey with Sable tips (long coat)
Thick double-coat (3.1 lbs)


      DiamondSChis Diamond Panda Bear "Pan-Pan"
White with black spots and mask (heart shaped) (long coat)
Thick double coat (3.5 lbs)


      DiamondSChis Diamond Tikkhoe "Tikkhoe"
Blonde (Cream/Fawn) with a dusting of chocolate around ears, eyes, and nose (short coat)
Rough, thick double-coat (3 lbs)


      DiamondSChis Chocolate Diamond Jax "Jax"
Chocolate & Sable (short coat)
Rough coat (not double) (3.4 lbs)


      DiamondSChis Diamond Dokku "Dokku"
Black, white, tan (long coat)
Thick full long double-coat (3.5 lbs)


Some more pics of the gentlemen:      

























From the back: (Angel), Tikkhoe, Dusty, Jax, Panda, and Bear-Bear.