DiamondSChis (DSC) is owned and operated by Connie L. Sherwood in Lufkin, Texas. DSC is committed to a loving home environment that produces well socialized puppies. DSC has eight breeding Chis: seven (two female, five male) AKC and one each CKC female and male (the male is dual registered) Chihuahuas (the CKCs are the long coats). DSC's Chis are part of the family. DSC is NOT a backyard breeder; rather just a small hometown breeder. DSC's Chis are never kept in cages (except for after birthing purposes), left outdoors, kept in kennels, or treated in any manner that would be detrimental to their well-being. All matings take place under watchful eyes with only one Chi couple in a roomy environment. All papers and records are available upon request for viewing.